Worlds in Between
There is black and there is white, but...
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Sara's Story: Second Chapter (coming soon)
Dreams don't come true, you have to make them
Sara's Story: First Chapter
A moment in time that changes everything.
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Tradiţiile sunt indicatoare care conduc adânc în subconştientul nostru
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Amazing Little Dancer, Ema
10 y.o, filled with passion
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Ballet, a perpendicular expression of a horizontal desire.
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The phrase you're looking for it's yes sir!
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Reflection of the Future Past
You cannot live in the future without understanding the past.
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Zambetul Micutei Balerine
Al treilea capitol al proiectului "Little Ballerina"
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Urban Swan: Inceputuri
A treia parte a proiectului Lebada Urbana
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Urban Swan: Black
Prima parte a proiectului Lebada Urbana
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