We are born, we see the world, we are curious and we explore...
...but the umbilical cord is still attached.
We made plastic. We depend on it, but now we're drowning in it.
The process of plastification started.
We breathe plastic, we feel plastic, we wear plastic, we are plastified.
We embrace the challenges and we start to create our own destiny using our parent’s DNA.
Along the road, we become rebels, we desperately collide with the old ideas and we begin to reject, wanting to break the chains of plastification, thinking that we are the forgers of our destiny and we know better.
For a glimpse of time, we see ourselves free, we believe in our originality, our emotions, and our dedication of being unique. It feels good to breathe.
As time passes by we slowly fade into the inception, realizing that everything we did was for nothing, but it was so damn important to do it because that’s what makes us alive and gives us a purpose; that’s the legacy that we leave behind as human beings.
We are born in plastic and we may find an end in plastic but our life will always be larger than the act of plastification if we dare to be bold.

Concept & Choreography: Cezara Blioju
Acting: Ana Maria Bitica
Photographer: Andrei Mihai Cristian (