Worlds in Between

There's black, there is white, and a never-ending gray building bridges in between darkness and light. There's skin and bones and flesh and blood, boiling in between our strong foundation and our soft appearance. There are burning stars in the heights of skies and burning magma in the depths of the earth and so many worlds in between, billions of lives and minds and roads that sew the gaps between our highs and lows, building transitory ways that form a world of their own.

We'll never live in moments, but in the empty spaces that keep growing between them. We belong in the silence between sounds and in the breaths between words, and in lack of a home we keep building worlds in between; we pace a road we know so well, hang out with groups of people we can adapt to, but to which we'll never belong. We're constantly in a search for balance, struggling to match a stereotype we feel like we're supposed to portray, and it hurts.

Why choose a side when you have so much power, the power of creating links between opposing sides, the power to create a new universe by merging different worlds? Because that's the beauty of our kind, our ability to hold so much complexity within our skin and bones, the way we can fit anywhere without remaining stuck in one place, always moving and constantly changing to belong not in the other's eyes but in our own selves.

The way we can morph and switch in between worlds is so sublime, such a wonderful skill to have that never ceases to amaze. We're so much more than names, so much more than tags or tight boxes, so much more than black or white, masculine or feminine, so much more than any word on a screen that feels the need to imprison our essence. We don't fit in shapes but cut out spaces that match us, we don't conform, we create.

We're fallen pieces of gods, each of us a small, infinite world in between heavenly bliss and infernal despair where beauty and pain blend together in a fascinating dance. Two separate entities, separated worlds, black and white meeting in the endless hues of grays that animate the worlds in between.

  • Dancers: Maria Rogojan & Maria Mija
  • Text: Maria Rogojan
  • Photographer: Andrei Mihai Cristian (