I am my Mother

When the adulthood that used to flood our most ambitious dreams back when we were kids becomes too much for us to handle, we all return to the safest place that we know: our mother’s embrace.

My mother is my guardian angel, an omniscient hero whose power had no limits. The folds in her dress are the strongest shield while her loving hands are braiding dreams of the future in my hair, her lap supporting me on my way to the stars. Wherever I go, whatever I feel, my mother is right by my side, and I feel as if her and I are one; as if I am my mother.

My mother is my savior, a helping hand whenever I’m in need. Her feet steady on the ground like the roots of the strongest tree as she stands tall even after my most furious storms, her arms always ready to catch me when I fall. No matter how far I’d go, no matter how hurtful my words would be, my mother is right behind me, and I know that I am safe. I have my mother.

She doesn’t understand me. She doesn’t know me or what I am capable of. She tells me what to do, she tells me that I’m wrong. But I know myself better. I know better. I will be better. This is who I am. She is my mother, but I am not like her. I am my own self.

Sometimes I find myself thinking about my mother’s thoughts; other times I see her in my mirror. Her words are coming out of my mouth, her arms embracing me when I’m alone. Every day I’m retracing her steps, every night I’m dreaming her dreams; I can’t help but realize that I am part of my mother.

My mother. She is my guardian, my savior, my hero. She is my judge, my teacher. She is gone. Yet wherever I go, no matter how lonely I feel, I can sense her presence in my whole being, as if I am part of her. As if I am her.

I am my mother.

Concept & Choreography: Cezara Blioju
Storytelling & Acting: Maria Theodora Rogojan
Photographer: Andrei Mihai Cristian (dinMers.ro)