Schindler’s List

Yehuda Bauer once said: "The horror of the Holocaust is not that it deviated from human norms; the horror is that IT didn't. What happened may happen again, to others, not necessarily Jews, perpetrated by others, not necessarily Germans. We are all possible victims, possible perpetrators, possible bystanders."

If in Spielberg's movie, the girl in the red coat had no chance, here in our adapted story, the girl in the red coat is the symbol of hope. A single thread of hope is still a very powerful thing.
In our story, we chose to think that the little girl in the red coat has managed to escape from Auschwitz.
She ran like a wolf, carrying her mother's suitcase, where she had everything: memories, the smell of her parents, and one last hope. Finally, she arrives at a train station, which seems abandoned and empty, just like her. A mix of emotions rattles through her soul as she hears the train coming....

Dancer: Rebeca Maria Zamfir
Choreography & Text: Cezara Blioju
Photographer: Mihai Cristian Andrei (