A month ago I saw a five-year-old memory on Cezara's Facebook wall that sparked my attention. She was with Ana-Maria Bitica at a contest and Ana was wearing this awesome dancing outfit that was screaming a mix of anger, rebellion, fire, attitude in my head. I phoned Cezara in a heartbeat and asked the name of that choreography. "Feeling good", she said. Immediately my mind started connecting the dots. I realized the powerful antithesis that can be created. So based on Cezara's choreography, "Furiosa" was born #dinMers.

You can dance with joy, fury, serenity, it does not matter because dancing expresses your feelings at that moment in time. So, "dance for yourself. If someone understands, good. If not, no matter."

  • Choreography: Cezara Blioju
  • Dancer: Ana-Maria Bîțică
  • Photographer: Andrei Mihai Cristian (www.dinMers.ro)