The Living Statue

We, humans, are each like a statue: perfect, stone-cold pieces of art, keeping our heads higher than the stars as if our hearts are unbreakable. We look at ourselves with absent eyes carved out of lifeless marble, ignoring the cracks slithering on our ashy, icy skin. With the passing of time, the trials we go through leave their mark on our spotless surface and we end up being full of cracks and holes.

No matter how hard we try to cover our imperfections under thousands of layers of paint, they will remain forever part of us, slowly bringing our structure down from within. With its deep roots, pain is tearing us apart, turning us into dust and ashes, eating us alive from the inside while we keep building walls of stone around our skin. How long until our torment reaches the surface, bringing down the last wall, breaking our unbreakable heart?
With shaking hands we’re left in nothingness, helplessly picking up the broken pieces of what used to be a shelter.

Could we possibly take the remaining bits of a shattered illusory sense of safety and rebuild our living statue?

Dancer: Oana Di Dario
Choreography: Cezara Blioju
Text: Maria Theodora Rogojan
Makeup: Beatrice Nicolaie
Photographer: Andrei Mihai Cristian (