Little Ballerina’s Smile

One year has passed since I photographed Anca, the “Little ballerina showing her grace on the streets of Bucharest”. Two weeks ago I received a request from her on Facebook, asking me for a portrait photo. After sending it, we had a little chat about how she was managing ballet and school and what are her future plans. And then out of the blue, she made me an offer I couldn’t refuse: Wanna met and do another photoshoot to show you some new moves I’ve learned since last year? Of course, I said “YES” in a heartbeat.

So yesterday we went out for a walk in the park on this great autumn day. She was the same angel I knew: very beautiful, filled with grace and smile, plus a little more talkative. I liked that about her. Even though her childhood is a continuous working and training carousel she somehow transformed it in a way of living. That’s because she loves ballet very much and I tell you she will be a great ballerina someday.

I asked her “how do you do it?” “It never gets easier; you only get better” she replied. For about three hours I admired her positive attitude and captured a glimpse of her smile which I am sharing with you. I believe that Anca is a true inspiration for all of us…