Jul 16

I am the truth, I am the wisdom of the fallen, I'm the youth, I am the greatest, and this is the proof.

Aug 28

It has been a great journey for Anca Berteanu, The Little Ballerina, here in Bucharest, Romania. After eight years of hard work and intense training she is going to discover new challenges at the Ecole Supérieure de Danse de Cannes-Mougins. She will be missed dearly by her family, friends and teachers. But that doesn’t mean that the Little Ballerina Project will end here, it’s just a new beginning, a new chapter.

All the best wishes from me, kiddo. Stay hungry, stay foolish and you will reach the top of the iceberg!

Jun 20

This chapter of The Little Ballerina Project it’s all about feelings, the emotions of Anca Berteanu (The Little Ballerina that Showed her Grace on the streets of Bucharest, Romania) on her journey to conquer this graceful yet hard art called ballet.

We wanna thank some awesome people that supported us: The incredible and creative team from Scarlet Studio - Gina Brasoveanu (make-up artist), Teodor Boghiu (the hair wizard) and Laura Adriana (creative partner).

May 02

For me, ballet is dreaming on your feet and floating through your dreams. I met with Anca Berteanu determined to push the boundaries between reality and imagination and we came up with this project that represents our vision of contemporary art-dancing.

Also, this project is milestone a because “The Little Ballerina that Showed her Grace on the streets of Bucharest, Romania” after years of hard working and training got accepted at the Ecole Supérieure de Danse de Cannes-Mougins. Talk about making dreams come true. I am very proud of her and couldn’t be much happier. So, this one is for you, kiddo, congrads and always stay hungry, stay foolish.

Apr 03

Spring is my favorite season because all nature is coming to life in a unique and optimistic way. Seeing the sun shining with grace in a beautiful Saturday morning I decided to make the best out of it and meet with Anca Berteanu (aka the Little Ballerina) for a little photoshoot. We added a little special ingredient to make spring even more colorful and we mixed ballet with photography once more.

Feb 14

Pentru mine fotografia înseamnă emoție și câteodată ca să ajungi la acel sentiment sincer, trebuie să treci prin mai multe încercări, atunci când este vorba de un proiect foto. Fiecare cadru făcut are farmecul său, contribuind la fotografia care va face cât 1000 de cuvinte. Așa este și cu baletul… Anca Berteanu nu mai are nevoie de nicio prezentare. Este micuța balerină care a dat proiectului ”Urban Swan” profunzimea de care avea nevoie ca să ajungă în inimile oamenilor. De această dată ne-am întâlnit să dovedim că baletul înseamna vis în timp ce dansezi. Dreaming on The Dance “Flour” sintetizează esența baletului – ”to dream on your feet” și ilustrează grația unei tinere balerine care într-o bună zi va cuceri marile scene internaționale.

Nov 07

I asked her “how do you do it?” “It never gets easier; you only get better” she replied. For about three hours I admired her positive attitude and captured a glimpse of her smile which I am sharing it with you.