Oct 25

I always loved going out on autumn and enjoy every bit of what this season has to offer. It's all about the magic of colours that surrounds you and gives you a different perspective of life.

Jul 08

Pentru ochi frumoși, caută frumosul în ceilalți; pentru buze frumoase, rostește doar vorbe bune; și pentru echilibru, mergi fiind conștientă că nu vei fi niciodată singură.

May 17

When I met her I was stroked by her optimistic smile and her joy of life. In this photoshoot she showed a mix of grace, beauty and surprisingly a lot of Romanian words. Each photo represents a "movie still" because that's how I felt while photographing her: being a part of a motion picture.

Apr 27

Sometimes natural beauty is the only thing that keeps us dreaming.

Dec 14

“It’s not about seeing a beautiful picture, it’s about seeing the beauty in every story, every emotion behind my camera”.