Take You Back

I always thought of myself as a designer by mind, a photographer by heart, and I think this article it's a confirmation of that. When I heard that Andreea Flavia was planning to launch her first single I could not be more excited. We hanged together somewhere in late January and pitched a lot of ideas while listening to the song for the first time. In fact, I remember being so excited that when I got home, after the meeting, I started to search in a massive library of fonts to find the perfect fit for her style. A couple of hours into digging found out this perfect handwritten font (nope I will not tell you the name) and started to play with it. After a short time also the song name design came out and we had a start for the "Take you Back" single cover.

Of course, we still needed the cover photo which we were supposed to do on the video-shooting day, that initially was scheduled for the end of March. COVICD-19 happened and we had to push back until the end of May when finally the big day arrived. Flavia was very nervous on set, being her first official video. I, on the other hand, was initially calm as a breeze, as I knew that my photographic ideas will come fast, #dinMers. I started playing with lights, backgrounds but frankly, I did not manage to get that wow-shot, perfect for the single's vibe. Surprisingly, the inspiration hit me at the end, while filming the last video scene. It was the perfect combination of smoke, lights, fan wind, and shutter press timing. Also, this time, Flavia was more confident and loose, letting her fears go and replacing them with sparkling emotions. Without further ado, I will let you enjoy the gallery.

If you ever loved me
Why you’re throwin’ away
My heart?
You see that I’m tired of making you stay...
The beautiful words are turning instead
To lies...
And I am no longer your “lady in red”

But if I am, just talk slow.
Please, don’t be too shallow
I want to give you my love
Don’t let me with your shadow

I can take you back, take you back
Even loving you always hurts so bad
I can take you back, take you back
But you don’t mess with this crazy heart

But your body it's an art