Be Spring Fashion

Photo Session

 I love spring, it’s my special season. Being a photographer by the heart, it’s easy to understand why. It makes me do something colorful to evade the common.

I started this shooting with a little urban vibe, even though it doesn’t reveal spring’s full potential.

For me a great location is the one that enhances the moment with a strong contrast or the one that perfectly complements the model. 

There are no mistakes in photography just the creativity of the photographer.

That True Smile

One of the greatest achievements when you are doing a photo shooting is the connection with your model. The stronger the bound, the greater the results. She has to feel relaxed, comfortable in your presence and get into the groove of the moment. Then you can truly capture that smile, or that attitude that you are looking for.

“You can change the elevation. Kneel down and take a photo. Move right. Move left. The best way to be the perfect photographer like him: @dinmersphotography 

Focusing on what matters

Framing is a technique where by you draw attention to one element of an image by framing it with another element of the image. Framing gives an image depth and draws the eye to a point of interest in the image. Whenever I am shooting a model I tend to make her stand out through the selected backgrounds and her attitude. It’s very important that she is the main interest of the viewer. 

“There is one thing the photograph must contain – the honesty of the moment.”

Bee wild, be proud!

“If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.”

When you are making a photo session you have to be free, let go of any known rules. In this case rules are made to be broken. Bee wild, be proud, take risks and you will see that in the end everything will align. Looking back at this shooting I am smiling. Why? Because it was an experience. I remember every captured moment and the pre-steps we took to get there. This is photography: an exciting journey filled with unique memories. 

For me, photography is not just simple looking, it’s feeling. If I can’t feel what I am capturing, then nobody can and my photos are useless.

Special thanks to my dear friend Laura Maxim, the most dedicated and passionate person I know. Her inner creativity makes her products unique. Once you feel them, you realise they are difficult to replace! The best part? Well, they are #handcraftedinRomania!
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